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Traveling with Violife
Germs…wherever you go, there they are

You don’t need to take them with you. They’re waiting. Visit a friend, and they’ll be there. Stay at a hotel, and you’ll find them. Camp wherever you like, and they’ll find you. You can’t escape germs, but you can kill them. Violife germicidal UV technology can keep your toothbrush, dentures, retainers, cellphones, earbuds, and more 99.9% germ free at the push of a button. The germs aren’t following you, they’re laying in wait. So be ready with Violife.

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Slim Sonic Toothbrush
Our Price:$14.95
Viosonic Toothwand
Our Price:$24.95
Sale Price:$19.95
Slim Sonic Traveler
Our Price:$24.95
Travel UV Sanitizer
Our Price:$29.95
Duo Toothbrush Sanitizer
Our Price:$39.95
Sale Price:$34.95
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Personal Misting Humidifier
Our Price:$39.95
Sale Price:$34.95
Our Price:$49.95
Sale Price:$34.97
Dazzle Luxe
Our Price:$89.95
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